José Andrade

  • Largo da Praça, Nova Sintra

  • Lace and embroidery

José Andrade was born in Fajã D’Água and began his adventure around the world at the age of 11, when he boarded a boat clandestinely to Dakar, without informing his family, and, decades later, returned to the country.

When visiting exhibitions, he developed a taste for painting and decided to put what little he knew into practice, then, participating in a group, he began to paint in the street, participating in various activities as a guest, and then entered the Fine Arts course.

While there, he improved and managed to have several exhibitions in France and other countries, “enchanting” everyone with his artistic trait.

Even because, as he himself considered, when he started to paint “it was a painting fever”, which he painted “night and day”.

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