Viewpoint MiraGraciosa

The “MiraGraciosa”, which is located on the peak of the “Monte Graciosa” mountain in the village of Nossa Senhora do Monte. To reach this viewpoint it is necessary to follow a trail of approximately 300 meters uphill, not easily accessible. Arriving there, the views that are presented to you are something to be enchanted. You can see right ahead, the serene village of Nossa Senhora do Monte with its traditional cover of fog coming from the foot of the mountains that in the shape of a half moon form a kind of protection for the village, at one end you can delight with an infinite view of vacant lots and dawns, at the other end the view is towards the mountains that between them you can notice risks of vaccine paths, you can see the immensity of the sea just behind and you can see another viewpoint to the background, in the town of Cachaço. At the foot of “MiraGraciosa” is also located the local cemetery and around its circumference on the ground there is the handmade stone structure of “Roda dos Vendos”.

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