Viewpoint Mirabeleza

Viewpoint “MiraBeleza”, located very close to Nossa Senhora do Monte, and from which you have stunning views of the valleys that extend to the west coast of the island, with Fajã da Água in the background. Everything is so beautiful that we dare say that Mira Beleza offers the best views of Brava. The range is breathtaking, you can see the entire valley that descends from the peak from “Tomé Barraz” in Nossa Senhora Do Monte to the sea. You can clearly see the drawings of the side paths that “zig zag” down to the valley. One descends from “Lomba Lomba”, another from Nossa Senhora do Monte, and then converge in the middle of the stream where you can see traces and spots of agriculture and houses, some in ruins. In the background, at one end of the fajã d’água, you can see the old aerodrome of “Esparadinha” and the wild sea right next to it.

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